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JBL Fe Iron Test-Set

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JBL Fe (Iron) Test Set
• Recommended level: 0.05 - 0.2 mg/l iron in freshwater
• For approx. 50 measurements. For fresh- and saltwater.
• Measurement range from 0.05 to 1-5 mg/l iron.
• Responds to all dissolved iron compounds.
• Colour scale with 9 colours from colourless to dark violet. Laboratory compensation system compensates water discoloration. Includes syringe to measure amount of water.
Problem solutions
Iron is one of the main nutrients of aquatic plants and should be available in the water of freshwater aquariums and garden ponds in concentrations of 0.05-0.2 mg/l. Too little iron stunts plant growth, too much iron results in algae problems.

Measures to increase the iron content in the freshwater aquarium:
1. The iron content can be increased by the addition of JBL Ferropol. Dosage can be monitored using the JBL Fe Test Set.
2. As an alternative to JBL Ferropol, JBL Ferrotabs can also be used to increase the iron content.
3. When setting up a new aquarium, JBL AquaBasis plus should be added to provide sufficient iron for the first few weeks. After 4-6 weeks the iron will have been used up and should be refilled using JBL Ferropol or Ferrotabs.
Measures to increase the iron content in the garden pond:
1. The addition of JBL Ferolon increases the iron content of the pond water.
2. The dosage can be precisely monitored with the JBL Fe Test Set.
Measures to increase the iron content in the saltwater aquarium:
1. Small quantities of JBL Ferropol can be used to increase the iron content. Saltwater aquariums often react sensitively to excess iron in the water, resulting in increased algae growth.
Why testing?
Besides an adequate supply of CO2, aquatic vegetation needs iron and trace elements. Since healthy aquatic plants constantly consume iron and other trace elements, which only keep in the water for a limited period even when bonded to so-called chelating agents (usually found in modern fertilizers, e.g. in JBL Ferropol), the iron content must be monitored regularly with the JBL Iron Test Set Fe and replenish, if necassary. A concentration of 0.

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