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JBL Clearol 250ml

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Water clarifier Quickly creates crystal-clear water. Removes all types of cloudiness not collected by filter. Floating algae (green cloudiness) as well as bacterial cloudiness (whitish cloudiness) or the finest floating particles are flocculated and removed by the filter. JBL Clearol, with its physical effect, has no negative influence on fish or plants. Only use with pH-levels over 6 and CH levels over 5° GKH! Product description JBL Clearol removes microscopic clouding which normal aquarium filters fail to take out, such as suspended particles, water bloom, bacterial contamination, etc Use Add the required quantity of JBL Clearol to the aquarium water at a spot with adequate water movement. The clouding material coagulates into larger globules and sinks to the bottom.It is also large enough now to be retained by the filter. Suction deposits off the aquarium floor and clean filter more frequently.

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