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Easy Blade Large

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We are delighted to present to you yet another innovative product for your favorite past time which will make the cleaning of your aquarium even easier. The new Easy Blade gives you the combined cleaning power of a floating algae magnet and a blade cleaner.

The Easy Blade is an accessory for algae magnet. Simply fasten it by means of a couple drops of super glue (not included) on the internal member of the algae magnet, allow to set and start scraping away!

Easy Blade has a working position and an idle position, leaving it up to you to judge how much cleaning your aquarium walls need. Decide for yourself whether to clean your aquarium as usual, using the algae magnet if the algae that has accumulated comes off easily or to put Easy Blade into action for the tougher cleaning jobs.

Manual cleaning of the aquarium walls by reaching into the aquarium and using a conventional blade cleaner will be a thing of the past for you. No more stepping on a chair in order to be able to get your arm into the aquarium and no more stepping down from it and up again in order to see whether all areas of the aquarium are clean!

Just use Easy Blade standing in front of your aquarium with everything in sight!

The blade is fastened safely as to minimize the risk of injury to humans and animals. Care should be used when scraping areas around the silicon joints of your aquarium as well.

Easy Blade fits on all Large Mag-Floats


This size will fit the following magnets
Mag-Float 350
Mag Clean large
Piranha Float
Hammerhead Float
Tiger Shark Float
Great White

Customer Reviews

Average rating: 5 stars

5 stars title= Killer blade, 2nd May 2013

Reviewer: Declan Devaney


I heard about these blades through a friend so I said I would give it a go , and boy am I happy I did for years I used a green scrubbing brush for the stubborn stains on the glass , this attaches to the magnet and does it all without having to put your hand in the tank :)

PS use good glue to stick this



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