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Deltec APF 600

Your Price: €449.00



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This is the most popular of the smaller AP skimmers as for a little more money you get a lot more performance. The most use skimmer here at Seahorse Aquariums

Suitable for aquariums up to 1000lts

This is and always was the best of the 525/600 size skimmers and can not be recommended high enough for aquariums around the 750-1000 lt range.

My first Deltec skimmer was an APF and can state that it's performance is awesome with a higher air and water throughput volume than the standard 600 model and a wider riser tube/cup to cope with the extra waste produced.

When a skimmer is running it will produce a head of foam which is determined by the amount of air and the bubble size. A simple general way of comparing the relative performance of a skimmer without even running it is to look at the neck diameter where it enters the cup. The larger this is, the greater the performance, as it takes a greater head of foam to be able to climb up a larger diameter tube.

The riser tube diameter of the APF600 is 90mm. Compare that with your existing skimmer and you will understand what we are talking about. Tapered tubes simply reduce the opening to cope with a smaller volume of foam.

The APF600 skimmers are fitted with an Aquabee pump and Deltec needle wheel impellor for unbeatable performance. The 230V version of the APF600 is fitted with 1 pump, drawing in 450lts of air per hour making it suitable for aquariums up to 1000 lts (222 UK gallons)

The skimmer must be supplied with water either by gravity feed from the aquarium or via a separate pump.

Technical Data:

  • Can be stood either in or beside a sump or beside the aquarium.
  • Can be gravity or pump fed (supply pump not supplied).
  • Water throughput - 800 lts/hr
  • 450 litres of air/hr are produced at the venturi.
  • Dimensions:

  • L 280mm W 210mm H 610mm (allowing for removal of the cup)
  • Hard pipe connections - Supply - 20mm Return - 40mm
  • Flexible connection 16/20mm hosetail
  • Skimmer body - 125 mm diameter
  • Riser tube - 90 mm diameter
  • Skimmer body - 125 mm diameter
  • Normal Stocking 1000 lts
  • Heavy Stocking 750 lts
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