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Common Clown Fish

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(Amphiprion Ocellaris)

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The Ocellaris clown fish "Nemo" is a favourite for the beginner and experienced aquarist. The black and white ocellaris clown fishes occurs naturally in anemones and is best known from the movie Finding Nemo.The black and white ocellaris clown fish has three white stripes with vibrant black pallets on its body .

Ocellaris is often confused with the percula clownfish, because of their coloration and stripe patter. The discerning difference is that A Ocellaris has 11 dorsal spines, where the Percula clownfish has 9 or 10.

Nemo clownfish is often bred in captivity making it a very hardy fish, and good for beginners. It is readily available in the aquarium trade.

General Size Specifications: The size of this clown fishes vary from 1cm to 8cm and are found naturally in Southern Asia. It can grow to 8 cm in the wild, but aquarium specimens rarely exceed 5 cm unless they are imported large.

This fish is sometimes sold as the Percula Clown, even though it is not. The colour pattern is very similar, but it is not as bright orange. The advantage of the Ocellaris is that it is much hardier. Tank bred specimens are currently available for purchase.

Habitat: The Ocellaris Clownfish, also known as the False Percula Clownfish, False Clown Anemonefish,

Customer Reviews

Average rating: 5 stars

5 stars title= Clownfish, 21st Mar 2016

Reviewer: Stephen Harris

Bought Two clowns from seahorse, both have paired up nicely, absolutely no problems, full of life and extremely quick when theres some shrimp around, could watch them all day!!

5 stars title= Ideal for beginners, 16th Dec 2015

Reviewer: Patrick Maye

I got 2 of these guys over a year ago and I just love them. They are the first fish most people see when they look at my 450l reef tank. I would recommend them to anybody!

5 stars title= Beautiful little guys, 6th May 2015

Reviewer: Neil Murray

Very active and great to watch!

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