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Assorted Apistogramma

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(Apistogramma sp)

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The Apistogramma, commonly known as the Dwarf Cichlid, is a dainty, often brightly coloured cichlid.

This genus contains approximately 70 species, 20 of which are still waiting for scientific evaluation. The Apistogramma should be kept in a tank that is 150 litres minimum, with densely planted groupings.

They require plenty of open swimming areas but also need hiding places. A fine gravel to sand substrate is recommended.

Although a semi-aggressive fish, the Apistogramma is also timid and should not be housed with large, aggressive fish.

The Apistogramma is an egg layer that prefers to spawn in caves. If the female is not ready to breed when the male is, he will harass her until she is.

The female will reciprocate the males behavior once the eggs are laid if she feels that the cave is too cramped.

The Apistogramma is a carnivore, and will consume a wide variety of foods. Freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex, flake food, and both frozen and live brine shrimp and worms will make excellent food for these fish.

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