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ATI Sun Power 4 X 54W Dimmable

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This NEW version of the ATI sunpower T5 Lighting pendant gives you control of 2 channels of the light units. YOu start the settings at 0% and ramp up to 100% or lower in your given time frame. YOu can take 5 minutes or 1 hour for th
The new Sunpower is our latest Innovation and represents all the experience of ATI in T5-Technologie. The differences are in details.
ATI was the first company that introduced T5-lamps and T5-Fixtures to the Aquarium marketplace in 2001and it was always our goal to show the real power and potential of the T5-Technologie. In 2004 we started to use high-tech reflector material (efficiency +10%). In 2005 we developed an acitve cooling system in our Fixtures in order to hold the T5-lamps in the best working point and maximum light output (Efficiency +15%). Also, we changed our supplier of T5-lamps in order to realize the best possible T5-lamps. Today there are no doubts that our popular "Blue plus" is one of the best T5-lamps available.

The new Sunpower is our latest Innovation and represents all the experience of ATI in T5-Technologie. The differences are in details.

All Advantages in an Overview

1. optimzed active colling system: An active, regulated cooling in our new Sunpower provides the performance cooling for the electronic ballasts (EVG) and the T-5 tubes. We cool both. Thereby, the electronics are preserved and simultaneously, the T-5 tubes are stabilized at an optimum temperature range, which results in an extra performance increase of 15 -20 %

2. best reflective material on the market: We have decided to use the most superior reflecting materials on the market today. The Reflectormaterial in our Sunpower has a total reflectivity of 98%. Normally polished aluminium reflectors has a reflectivity of 90-95 %. This means a further step in the efficiency increase in the T-5 technology. (+5-10%)

3. Safty: splash-protector made of acrylic-glass.

4. LESS MAINTENANCE: No encrusted Tubes and Reflectors to be cleaned

5. OPERATIONAL PROXIMITY TO THE WATER SURFACE : Via the splash-protection of the lights themselves, one can place them without hesitation closer to the water surface, which also leads to an increase of illumination in the aquarium, and thereby allowing a more efficient use of energy and degree of illumination (+10%).

6. SOLID CRAFTSMANSHIP: Components supplied by Brand-Named Manufactures and assembled by skilled workers

Available Sizes: 24", 36", 48" and 60"

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