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Our Quarantine- Why and How

Seahorse Aquariums is the largest importer of fish into Ireland with more than 1700 species of livestock, and up to 700 are available for sale in our store at any one time, offering customers and unsurpassed range of quality livestock.

We have both freshwater and marine shipments from around the world arriving at our facility each week (see weekly stock arrivals) - our expert staff ensures all livestock is carefully handled.

• Upon arrival, the fish are unpacked under red light to reduce stress and gently acclimated over a 12 hour period to our holding systems.

• They are then placed in individual aquariums, which minimises stress during the quarantine period.

• Our purpose built lighting system gradually increases the light over a 24 hour period to minimise any shock to the fish.

• Water quality including oxygen levels are measured continually via our computerised system to ensure optimum water quality during this critical period. Our in house marine biologist monitors the parameters especially during the crucial first 48 hour period.

• Nutrition – It is a race against the clock to get the fish to feed after their stressful journey and some key products we use;

• Live feeds enriched on vitamin supplements and live phytoplankton produced at our facility are fed as an initial “treat” and energy booster, e.g. adult brine, mysis shrimp, newly hatched artemia, rotifers, bloodworms, glass worms etc.

• A mixture of frozen feeds are fed at hourly intervals, these are enriched with zoolife fish vits and seachem garlic guard - the mix includes cyclopeeze, mysis, lobster eggs, artemia, squid, krill, mussel etc.

• On day two, a mixture of 4 New Era flakes are fed – this consists of marine, hervibore, aegis 1 & 2 flakes. These target carnivores, herbivores and stimulate the immune system to fight against bacteria and parasites.

• Zoolife Vetenary Reef Gel is also used as it also stimulates the immune system and provides an ideal nutritional source for tricky fish like Moorish idols.

• Disease – Fish imported bring with them a vast array of parasites, bacteria etc, the curing of is targeted at our facility as follows;

• Nutrition – Targeted feeding as detailed above stimulates the immune system to help the fish fight off diseases.

• Water Quality – Seahorse Aquariums ensures optimum water quality with the aid of .5KW of ultraviolet radiation (UV), 2000mg of ozone, fluidised sand filters, bio-towers, de-gassing towers, large protein skimmers, reverse osmosis water and cartridge filtration. This allows the live stock to reach peak condition and helps them adapt to their new aquarium lifestyle.

• Treatment – By working closely with our suppliers on both the collection and transport of the stock, it minimises disease issues. However, our in house marine biologist monitors the stock during the quarantine period, for example by carrying out skin scrapes and analysing faeces for parasites. Treatments like freshwater baths are administered where necessary and fish are only released for sale when they have passed our in-house quality standard.

Always ensure that your fish is quarantined, feeding and in good health before making the purchase. Marine & Freshwater fish are incredibly good value when you factor in the journey they go through to get to your aquarium. When cost becomes the overriding factor in any hobby or business, something is going to suffer along the supply chain, and unfortunately in the ornamental fish trade – the ones who will truly suffer for cheap and irresponsibly caught livestock are the end customer with poorer quality fish, the animals themselves, but also the local people who work extremely hard to provide an income for their families.

Quote from one of our top suppliers -
"The bitterness of pure quality stays long after the sweetness of low price if forgotten."

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