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Seahorse Aquariums Guide To SEAHORSES

Seahorse Aquariums Guide To


We would like to thank you for purchasing our Irish bred seahorses and welcome you to our global effort at conserving these unique creatures. Seahorse populations around the world are under threat from over collection for the traditional Chinese medicine market and the aquarium trade. By purchasing these captive bred seahorses, you can enjoy the experience of keeping these remarkable creatures in your own home without contributing to their exploitation in the wild. We are dedicated to providing happy, healthy seahorses for your aquarium. The following information will help you provide the best possible care for your seahorses.

Seahorse Environment

Firstly check your basic water quality parameters are within acceptable range which are;

  • Temperature range:24oC - 26oC
  • Salinity 29ppt – 35ppt (1.022 – 1.026)
  • Nitrate 0 ppm

By maintaining these conditions your seahorses should live long and happy lives.

Tank positioning

Don’t place your tank next to the television or loud music as it is surprising how quickly sound travels through water.

Place the tank out of draughts; draughts affect the temperature of the tank, often rapidly.

Do not place the tank in direct sun light as this heats the water to unbearable levels and algae will grow rapidly all over the tank.


Acclimate your seahorses slowly but do not take more than 30 minutes to complete the following procedure;

  1. Open your box away from any bright lights.
  2. Turn off the aquarium lights.
  3. Float the bag in your tank for about 10 minutes to equalise the temperature.
  4. Open the bag and add 1 cup of water.
  5. Repeat this procedure every 10 minutes for 30 minutes.
  6. Gently use your hand to transfer the seahorses into the tank, discarding the water left in the bag.
  7. Do not feed your seahorses for 24 hours to allow them to adjust to their new home.


Our seahorses are fed exclusively on frozen mysid shrimp which are available from Seahorse Aquariums or most pet shops. Seahorses have a formidable appetite, The suction through the seahorses snout is very powerful and this disintegrates the shrimp, which is ideal, as the seahorse has no teeth to chew their food with. Often parts of the shrimp are expelled through the gills making it look as though they have smoke coming out of them. This gave rise to the origin of Dragons; the ancient manuscripts showing dragons looking very similar to seahorses. Seahorses have no true stomach and so must eat little and often, therefore by adding the food slowly, you will ensure that most of the food is eaten while it sinks. A cleanup crew in your tank will help eat this waste and help you maintain good water quality. If you feed in excess of their requirements, you run the risk polluting their environment leading to an unhappy seahorse.

To Feed Them

  1. Firstly remove one cube from the blister pack and cut it in half; replace the packet of food in the freezer immediately after use.
  2. Place the food in a tea strainer and defrost it under a gently running tap, taking care not to beak it up with high water pressure.
  3. Spray a little of SeahorseAquariums’ multi-vitamin preparation on the food while gently mixing the food. Note; Please note that this step is only carried out twice a week, all other times feed the thawed shrimp without adding the vitamins.
  4. A tweezers or spoon can then be used to place small quantities of food into the tank. If you are careful to always add the food to the same place, your seahorses will soon learn to be at that spot when the food arrives to allow for more enjoyable and less stressful feeding times.

Choosing safe tank mates

In choosing tank mates for your seahorses please ensure you choose slow feeding fish to match that of the seahorse as otherwise the seahorses will be unable to compete for the food and will go hungry. Please remember that understocking is ALWAYS better than overstocking. A list of all our available fish can be viewed here

Sex & Reproduction

Seahorses are the only animal in the world that the male gives birth. He is the ideal partner as not only does he go through the full pains of childbirth and remains faithful for life but he dances around his partner every morning of their lives. However, breeding seahorses is extremely difficult and we strongly recommend that you purchase seahorses of one sex only for your aquarium to avoid disappointment.


Your seahorses have been breed by us at Seahorse Aquariums to be in the best of health. They are checked by our marine biologist before shipping to ensure that they are in full health.

Seahorses are quite lazy by their nature and often spend their time sitting and waiting, so a seahorse that is constantly swimming around is not necessarily a unhappy seahorse. The best signs that a seahorse is unwell are when the seahorses are swimming around erratically or not showing the slightest interest in food. If at any stage you feel you have a problem, please do not hesitate to contact Seahorse Aquariums or email us at

We hope that this information answers most of your questions. We wish you every continued success in your own seahorse adventure and hope that they provide you with many years of enjoyment.

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