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101 Tropical Marine Fish

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101 Tropical Marine Fish DVD Duration - 101 mins •Jump easily to any of these 101 beautiful tropical marine fish. •Innovative reference guide that helps you make the right choices for your own unique tropical fish display. •Key on-screen facts for every fish, covering: Diet, Origin, Temperament, Min Tank Size, Tank Level & Adult Size •Featuring over 100 mins of stunning footage •The perfect companion for the tropical fish novice & expert alike List of Tropical Marine Fish ANEMONEFISHES Anemonefish derive their name from their association with sea anemones. They take shelter within the long tentacles and a special skin mucus protects these fish from the harmful poisonous tentacles. They are hardy and a perfect starter fish . Their comical swimming pattern has given them their name as ‘clownfishes’ BASSLETS Basslets are very colorful, hardy, and on the whole peaceful, although they might become territorial if there is more than one member of the species added to the aquarium. It is advisable to add these fish simultaneously, as severe conflicts may occur if added separately. Basslets like an aquarium furnished with plenty of hiding places. WRASSE Wrasse are a beautiful and active fish. They are beneficial to an aquarium because they clean fish by removing parasites. Also reversal of sex is common when in large ingle sexed groups. RABBIT FISHES Rabbitfishes original habitat is shallow lagoons amongst weeds. They have small mouths, large dark eyes and a calm temperament. They are very colorful, and have venomous dorsal and anal fin spines. Caution must be taken when handling these fish, as the spines will inflict a very painful sting. HAWK FISHES Hawk Fishes name is derived from the way they wait for their prey like hawks. They are a hardy fish and do well in the aquarium, but bear in mind that they will eat smaller shrimp and fish. A well-sealed tank lid is important and lots of hiding places are needed to keep this fish at its best. They breed by egg depositing. EELS Eels can reach a size of 24 to 36 inches. They are hardy, mostly feed on fish and crustaceans and adjust well to life in a large aquarium. In their natural habitat they live in caves , coral and other such hiding places. A large aquarium with adequate hiding places and a well-sealed lid is essential for keeping Eels. They must be handled with extreme care, because they give a very painful bite. SCORPION FISH The size of these fish varies, but most reach an average length of ten inches or so in captivity. They are a hardy fish that adapts well to life in captivity. Scorpion Fish are camouflaged with a variety of markings and stripes that disguise it when waiting on the substrate for prey. Their spines are highly venomous and should always be handled with great caution. BAT FISH Most Batfish can reach a size of around 15 inches in captivity and adapt well to the average home aquarium. They can be recognized by their wing like fins. Batfish grow extremely fast and an adequately sized tank with plenty of swimming room must always be a consideration. CARDINALS Cardinalfish are mainly nocturnal. The average size in captivity is two inches. They make a marvelous addition to a peaceful aquarium. It is always best to provide rockwork and coral to enable them to hide from other tankmates. Cardinals are easy to breed in captivity and make a perfect starter fish. BUTTERFLYFISHES Butterflyfishes come in a variety of dazzling colors. Unfortunately it is the most colorful ones that have a tendency to be shy ,often retreating amongst the coral. They reach an adult size of six inches or so in captivity. Care of these fish varies a great deal due to the special feeding requirements (live coral polyp) of some of the species. It is advisable to have a large tank with plenty of hiding places . ANGELFISH Members of this family bear a sharp spine on the rear of the gill cover ,the presence of this spine dis

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